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Building a Thriving Tech Startup: Culture, Apprenticeships, and Leadership Insights from Peter Proud

In this episode,  we have an engaging conversation with Peter Proud, the CEO and founder of Forrit, an AI-driven Azure-native CMS. Peter shares his insights on lessons learned from his career at Microsoft, founding a startup, cultivating a positive company culture, and the power of apprenticeships.    

Episode Highlights:    

[1:26] - Most useful experiences from working at Microsoft before founding Forrit  

[3:24] - Key lessons taken from Microsoft beyond treating staff well   

[5:58] - How Peter's time at Microsoft helped prepare him for entrepreneurship  

[9:03] - The biggest early challenges with starting Forrit  

[12:23] - Top tips for someone transitioning from a big corporate to founding a startup  

[15:04] - Why apprenticeships are so important to Peter and how they add value to businesses  

[20:11] - How Forrit's team and business has evolved over time 

[21:25] - Key factors for a tech business to consider when setting up an apprenticeship scheme  

[26:58] - Peter's philosophy on creating a positive company culture beyond learning  

[31:09] - Benefits of face-to-face interaction at work, even in a hybrid environment  

[35:17] - Top tips for fostering humility in yourself and other leaders  

[38:54] - How and why Peter got involved in mentoring and supporting other startup entrepreneurs 

[42:02] - Advice on pricing models and not overcomplicating them while appreciating complexities  

[44:20] - Best piece of advice for someone considering entrepreneurship as a career  

[45:55] - How people should evaluate new career opportunities that come their way    

Throughout the discussion, Peter provides actionable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and those looking to build high-performing teams. He emphasizes the importance of learning, building relationships, resilience, and leveraging experience at each stage of one's career.    

Peter also shares how Forrit has benefited from implementing a robust apprenticeship program, creating a culture of continuous learning, and maintaining face-to-face interaction even in a hybrid work environment. He provides guidance on keeping pricing models simple yet effective and supporting other entrepreneurs through mentorship.    

About Peter Proud    

Peter Proud is the CEO and founder of Forrit, an AI-driven Azure-native CMS. He is also a board member of the Homeless World Cup and a visiting professor and entrepreneur in residence at the University of Strathclyde. Prior to founding Forrit, Peter was the Digital Sales Strategy Lead for Western Europe at Microsoft.      

Forrit website:    



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