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Communicating Vision Effectively for Startup Growth with Andrew Bartlow

In this episode, host Rebecca Turnbull has an enlightening discussion with Andrew Bartlow, a former CHRO and now advisor who helps tech startups develop their people functions. Andrew shares his wisdom on leading startups through predictable growing pains, optimizing talent and culture for growth, communicating vision effectively, progressing one's career, and founders letting go of control.    

Episode Highlights: 

[0:58] - The current funding environment for startups and the focus on revenue 

[2:23] - Key people challenges startups face when scaling up   

[3:28] - Adapting approaches to the capital efficiency environment 

[5:08] - The shift back to prioritizing finance leadership over HR   

[14:26] - The "crisis of autonomy" startups face around 100 employees  

[17:38] - Applying lessons learned to startup growth, while customizing for your context 

[20:55] - Clearly communicating strategic priorities using a simple framework    

[25:11] - Life stage differences matter more than generational differences 

[32:56] - Having an employment value proposition to attract candidates 

[37:52] - Factors US investors consider when evaluating UK/European startups   

[47:08] - Enabling employees to advance throughout growth stages    

[51:23] - Raising your external professional profile to open opportunities   


Throughout the discussion, Andrew offers practical tips for startups to succeed through predictable growing pains by staying laser focused on vision and priorities, understanding team needs, clearly communicating strategy, developing strong employment value propositions to attract talent, and supporting founders to transition leadership effectively as the organization scales.  

He emphasizes learning from other startups while customizing approaches for your context, leveraging networks and platforms to raise profiles, and keeping perspective on what motivates candidates in this environment. 


About Andrew Bartlow 

Andrew Bartlow is an experienced HR leader who has served as CHRO at multiple high-growth companies. He founded Series B Consulting and helps organizations design processes to support rapid scaling. Bartlow recently published the book "Scaling for Success: People Priorities for High Growth Organizations" and also co-founded People Leader Accelerator, an executive development program for HR professionals. He provides mentoring and advises PE firms, startups, and founders on strategic talent and organizational matters. 

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