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Driving Startup Success, Global Growth, and Climate Action with Purpose-Led Vision - A Conversation with Russell Dalgleish

In this episode, host Rebecca Hastings has an enlightening discussion with serial entrepreneur and business advisor Russell Dalgleish. Russell shares his wisdom on entrepreneurship, networking, international business, purpose-driven leadership, and more.

Episode Highlights:

[0:41] - The mindset required for startup success

[1:42] - Staying focused on your purpose and mission

[3:41] - Clarifying your mission from the start

[10:22] - Using LinkedIn to reach potential customers

[16:09] - Leveraging global business networks

[27:58] - Building an impactful board of directors

[32:25] - Accelerating progress on climate change

[37:25] - Leaving a legacy and being remembered

Russell emphasizes the importance of staying focused on your core purpose as an entrepreneur. He outlines how to leverage LinkedIn for sales and provides examples of the Scottish Business Network facilitating international expansion.

On building an effective board, Russell stresses choosing the right Chairperson and actively engaging members. He also shares insights from driving progress on net zero emissions and climate action.

Throughout the discussion, Russell offers practical tips for entrepreneurs to succeed by clarifying their mission, fostering meaningful relationships, and keeping their legacy in mind.

About Russell Dalgleish

Russell Dalgleish is a prominent Scottish entrepreneur and business advisor with decades of experience founding, scaling, and advising high-growth tech companies globally.

He is currently the Founding Chair of Scottish Business Network, the Founding Managing Partner at Exolta Capital Partners, and a board member of several organizations. Russell hosts conferences worldwide and regularly shares his perspectives on leadership, investment, and entrepreneurship.

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