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How Software Development Teams Can Adapt to the Rise of AI Technology with Gary Crawford

In this episode, host Rebecca Hastings conducts an insightful interview with returning guest Gary Crawford, Chief Innovation Officer at Waracle. They dive deeper into a timely issue: how the rise of AI is transforming software development teams and processes. 

Gary, who previously joined us in Episode 5 on how enterprise companies can leverage AI, provides an insider's view on the latest developments. As an experienced technology leader helping companies scale, he offers a unique perspective on what's changing in this fast-moving domain.  


Episode Highlights: 

[00:41] Effective AI integrates sensitively into systems.   

[02:09] AI enabling creative applications. 

[05:59] Subtly integrating AI into existing products.   

[10:21] Safe and thoughtful AI integration.      

[18:20] Decentralizing decision-making.    

[25:31] Planning vital but agile approach still key. 

[33:24] Strategic, creative, experimental thinking.   

[41:29] Psychologically safe environments. 

[46:24] Key developer interview questions. 

Gary emphasizes the need to integrate AI subtly into existing systems while decentralizing decision-making closer to products and users. Teams must think strategically about "what and why" to build, while still moving fast and experimenting. 

As this conversation makes clear, leveraging AI to its full potential requires a combination of creative thinking and technological integration. Gary provides actionable advice to guide companies making this transition to realize results: 

  • Leaders must create psychologically safe environments that allow for failure and experimentation with new ideas.  

  • Development teams should embrace strategic, creative, and experimental thinking focused on "what and why" they are building. 

  • Decision-making and control should be decentralized, moving AI closer to products and end users.  

With these perspectives in mind, companies can thoughtfully evolve their teams and processes to tap into the promise of AI-enabled software.About Gary CrawfordGary Crawford is an executive coach and consultant who works with leadership teams to understand the impact of exponential technologies like AI on their business. He currently serves as Chief Innovation Officer at Waracle, advising on vision, strategy, use cases, risks, impacts, and implications of emerging technologies.


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