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Navigating the Web3 Landscape: Insights for Founders on Pitching, Scaling, and Leveraging Blockchain Technology with Aly Madhavji

In this episode, we are joined and had an engaging conversation with Aly Madhavji, the managing partner at Blockchain Founders Fund based in Singapore. Aly shares his insights on what investors look for in founders, pitches, teams, and ongoing relationships. He also provides invaluable advice on making follow-on rounds easier and offers top tips and predictions around the web3 space.

Episode Highlights:

[2:37] - How Aly's background shaped his worldview and drew him to blockchain technology

[4:54] - Practical applications and use cases of blockchain that Aly's fund has invested in

[8:37] - The importance of digital ownership enabled by NFTs as we spend more time in the digital world

[12:16] - Exciting areas in the web3 space that Blockchain Founders Fund is investing in

[15:41] - Common missteps startup founders make and how to avoid them

[17:53] - Tips for founders to nail their pitches and explain their startups effectively

[21:08] - Best practices for founders to keep investors engaged with regular updates

[24:31] - Balancing long-term vision with day-to-day execution and getting things done

[27:39] - Experimentation as a crucial element at all stages and how to approach it

[30:41] - Attributes Aly looks for in founding teams beyond business aspects

[35:00] - Assessing the strength of technical teams, especially in the blockchain space

[38:13] - How founders can best work with and leverage their investors

[40:26] - Aly's top predictions for the blockchain sector over the next few years

Throughout the discussion, Aly provides actionable advice for founders in the web3 space on pitching, engaging investors, building strong teams, and executing effectively. He emphasizes the transformative potential of blockchain technology across industries and highlights promising areas like decentralized infrastructure, real-world assets, and multi-chain interoperability.

Aly also shares how Blockchain Founders Fund evaluates founding teams, assesses technical strength, and supports its portfolio companies. Founders can reach out to Aly and his team to discuss their projects and potential collaboration.

About Aly Madhavji

Aly Madhavji is the Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund, a Singapore-based early-stage VC fund investing in top-tier blockchain startups globally. He is a Senior Blockchain Fellow at INSEAD and serves as a consultant to the UN on emerging technologies. Aly has been a successful tech entrepreneur and is widely recognized as a thought leader in the blockchain space.

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