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The Role of AI and Data Technology in Solving Business Problems, with Duncan Hart

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Data has become a powerful tool for business owners and leaders to solve problems and grow their organizations. That is why my special guest, Duncan Hart, loves data so much that it led him to co-found DeepMiner, a tech company revolutionizing how business leaders make educated and informed decisions to support their business growth and focus on the leads that offer the greatest chance of success.

In this episode, Duncan and I discussed critical topics when it comes to using data to your advantage:

  • What are the common mistakes that companies make when it comes to data?

  • When and how should organizations rethink their data strategies?

  • Why is context important when making data-driven decisions?

  • What is next for AI and innovation?

  • What can we learn from the 2008 recession and big companies such as Meta and Tesco on the importance of looking at and strategizing data?

You will hear these and other topics on leadership mindset as Duncan shares fascinating insights in the second episode of the Lucent Perspective.

Episode Outline and Highlights

[01:28] Duncan shares his career path - from the maritime, oil, and gas sectors to data and tech.

[07:41] The value of relying on factual data in a leadership role.

[14:28] Duncan talks about deep tech and DeepMiner.

[19:39] Purpose and motivation in DeepMiner’s technology.

[25:23] Pivoting during difficult times: Duncan’s decision-making process during a downturn.

[37:55] Insights on the common mistakes companies are making when it comes to data.

[48:50] When should organizations rethink their data strategies?

[54:57] Why context is key to data when making a decision.

[1:02:48] What is next for AI and Innovation?

[1:10:04] As a first-time CEO, what advice would Duncan share with a first-time CEO?

Why Leaders Must Always Look at Technical Data

For Duncan, the use of data is about solving a business problem. At this time and age when AI and Data Tech are much more developed than in the last decade, leaders and business owners can leverage available tools when making critical decisions. That is the fundamental principle of existence for DeepMiner - how to solve business problems using data.

As a modern manager, decisions should be driven by data instead of gut feel. Duncan believes that by looking at data and performance over time, you will be able to make balanced and informed decisions, increasing your chances of success. This is especially true for startups, given that data may not always be available, and you have to deal with the unknown.

The Motivation Behind DeepMIner

Duncan shares his insights on what is driving him to develop the technology of DeepMiner. He first mentioned the intention to use data in supporting businesses in Scotland. He finds that data can be used to look at a bigger picture while executing at a granular level. He describes this: “We can use data to support an economy. We could use data to support businesses, and if those businesses can get better support, we raise everybody.”

His passion is to create opportunities within the community. By helping businesses, they can create more jobs and create more value which will lead to more customers leading to a more vibrant economy. “We feel that we could make a difference,” says Duncan.

Why Organizations Should Rethink Their Data Strategies

A very interesting topic we talked about was the challenges and mistakes that y without first understanding what they are trying to solve. To avoid this common pitfall for companies, you must understand the problem that you are solving and what impact it will give you once you have solved that problem.

Shifting to another topic, we also tackled the topic of organizations rethinking their data strategies. Duncan said that this should happen all the time. Duncan emphasized the importance of data trust issues. Considering GDPR and customer confidence - Duncan shared case studies of Tesco and Meta and why reviewing data strategies is always important.

About Duncan Hart

With 25+ years of work experience, Duncan started his career in business development in the yachting industry in the UK. He moved throughout the marine, shipbuilding, and yachting industry over the next 13 years.

After hours of toiling through information and paper trails to get the numbers and words needed to win contracts and aid with business decisions, Duncan realized the power of data in running a business - in any industry.

That revelation led him to become CEO and Co-Founder of DeepMiner. By using Artificial Intelligence, the DeepMiner business search engine runs a humanistic search that displays real-time and unbiased search results. Free from SEO, paid-to-advertise, and subconscious bias, DeepMiner aims to take search to the next level, enabling business leaders to make educated and informed decisions to support their business growth and to focus on the leads that offer the greatest chance of success.

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